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About Payday Loans

While the effective yearly interest rate of a payday loan is higher than a traditional loan, there are still a few situations that legitimately warrant using them as the most effective solution. From there, the trick is to ensure that the service is being used responsibly, so that you don't wind up caught in the infamous debt cycle that gives payday loans a bad reputation.

The first legitimate reason to pursue a cash advance is in order to avoid an NSF charge that will be applied to your bank account in the event of a late payment. For example, if you have a payment coming out of your account next week, but have since cleared the account of funds because of a major purchase or financial setback, you'll need to find a way to make sure that the payment will still go through.

While most banks will charge an account as much as $45 in NSF charges in an event where funds are not available for a debit transaction such as this payment in question, a pay day loan could cost as little as $15 dollars. While still expensive, it represents a saving of 65% over the NSF charge, making it a much more favorable alternative. From there, you can make sure that you cover the costs of the payment with your next paycheck.

The second legitimate reason to apply for the best instant payday loans online is to accommodate for an account overdraft that needs to be settled out. Because overdraft accounts need to be settled out at the end of each month, you may find yourself falling behind if you're on an irregular salary.

For example, if you're paid bi-weekly, but the end of the month comes 1-3 days before pay-day, you might want to take out a loan to cover the gap. This provides two benefits for the customer. First, it saves you from being hit with any fees associated with over-extending you overdraft accounts. More importantly, it saves you from receiving carrying the balance over the 30 day period, which would result in a hit to their credit score.

Because a timely repayment is worth as much as 35% of a credit score, even a single late payment can be enough to bring your score down substantially. By paying the financing fee, you are therefore able to protect our credit score from taking a negative hit.

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